OSHA Injury/Illness Prevention Plan Manual (IIPP)

OSHA Injury/Illness Prevention Plan Manual (IIPP)

Cal-OSHA requires every California employer to comply with the CA Code of Regulations General Industry Safety Orders, regarding Injury & Illness Prevention Program Requirements, regardless of the type of work industry or the number of employees. This includes having in place a written Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) for your organization and workers.

In fact, Cal/OSHA issues more citations under the IIPP standard than any other standard—thousands each year—many citations for failure to have an IIPP, and if you are visited by Ca;/OSHA one of the first documents the OSHA Inspector will ask for is the IIPP. Penalties for non-compliance can range up to $25,000.

How it works

LTM Associates can help your organization get in compliance, quickly and correctly. Our Injury/Illness Prevention Manuals (IIPP) customized to your work industry, and include:

  • OSHA required safety rules & regulations
  • Safety rules disciplinary action guidelines
  • OSHA record-keeping forms & requirements
  • Internal safety audit check-off lists/guidelines
  • Injury reporting guidelines & workplace investigation procedures
  • Drug & alcohol policy & Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing Procedures
  • HAZMAT notifications, materials, program/procedures
  • Warehouse safety rules & forklift certification requirements
  • Employee safety training programs (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Company safety communication plan
  • Employee safety recognition/reward program
  • Company emergency evacuation action plans
  • Company fire prevention plan
  • Workplace violence prevention program
  • Company safety/security program
  • Specific safety plans/programs applicable to your work industry
  • All the forms, checklists, policies, and notices needed to implement & manage your company's safety program
OSHA Injury/Illness Prevention Plan Manual (IIPP)

Additional Service Details

LTM IIPP Safety Manuals are California compliant, and work-industry specific, and contain up-to-date policies and practices required by state and federal laws. Because our work is customized, project completion time is usually 8-12 weeks, and payments can be spread over a 3-month period, to ensure cost-effectiveness for our clients.

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