Employer HR Hotline

Employer HR Hotline

  • LTM's Employer HR Hotline Program provides an excellent employer resource for quick, pro-active resolutions to employee-related questions, issues, and concerns. The Employer HR Hotline is intended to assist Business Owners, HR Staff,  Office Managers and Members of Management, by telephone, emil, textt, or in real-time, to determine the best course of action to take, and what state/federal laws are applicable to  the employee-related situation. As part of the Hotline Service, LTM will prepare any/all required HR forms, Mandated Leave-Of-Absence Forms, Employee Counseling & Reprimand Forms, Layoff, Suspenson & Termination  Notices, COVID-19 Leave-of-Absence Forms/Notices, other types of HR-recordkeeping documentation. In addition, LTM also will provide coaching and guidelines on how to best handle one-on-one reprimand meetings, and discussions with difficult-personality employees. LTM's Employer HR Hotline Program is a cost-effective, a life-saving valuable resource that ensures employee-related matters get handled professionally, legally, and without the fear of an employee legal claim and/or lawsuit. 

How it works

HR Hotline Members have unlimited access to our HR/Workplace Law Experts, and can be used Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.

The folowing Pre-Paid Options are vailalble, and Hotline Members can start using the program imediately upon joining.

Plans Available for Every Budget:

  • Month-To-Month Plan:  $500.00/Mo
  • 3 Month Pre-Paid Plan: $1,500.00 
  • 6 Month Pre-Paid Plan: $3,000.00
  •  12-Month Pre-Paid Plan: $6,000.00 

It's Easy to Join, Just Complete and Submit the Attached LTM Enrollment Form.

We accept Pay Pal and Visa Credit Cards.



Employer HR Hotline

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Lupe McElroy is the Principal HR Consultant, Educator & Trainer at LTM Associates, with over 25 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of human resources and workplace law compliance.

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