Employee Handbooks Policy & Safety Manuals

Policy & Safety Manuals

Whether you are a small employer with less than 50-workers, or a growing company with 50+ workers, your company policies, procedures, and work should be in writing and made available to all employees in the format of an Employee Policy Handbook. A well-written Employee Policy Handbook not only provides company leaders with a roadmap for handling day-to-day employee-related questions, issues, and problems but can also defend your company when employment-related litigation occurs.

LTM Associates will develop an Employee Policy Handbook for your company that is customized to your work industry, based on the number of workers, and that includes necessary written guidelines needed to create a framework for consistency and fairness company-wide.

How it works

Our California Compliant Employee Policy Handbooks include:

  • > Customized company polices & procedures
  • > Employee work rules & rules of conduct
  • > Disciplinary action guidelines
  • > Legally mandated leaves-of-absence programs/procedures
  • > Overview of company benefit plans/programs
  • > Employee wage & hour requirements
  • > OSHA workplace health & safety mandates & practices
  • > State and federal mandated workplace policies & programs and
  • > All other applicable terms and conditions of employment
Employee Handbooks Policy & Safety Manuals

Additional Service Details

LTM Employee Handbooks are California compliant, and work-industry specific, and contain up-to-date policies and practices required by state and federal laws. Because our work is customized, project completion time is usually 8-12 weeks, and payments can be spread over a 3-month period, to ensure cost-effectiveness for our clients.

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