Employee Compensation Program

Employee Compensation Plans

It's Easy To Avoid Expensive Employee Wage & Hour Claims and Class Action Lawsuits, Settlements, and other Legal Headaches! One single employee  Wage & Hour Claim or Class Action Lawsuit can be devistating to your company. 

Let us Ease Your Worries... LTM Associates can take the headache out of trying to decide what to pay your employees. Let us develop an Employee Compensation Plan that can establish competitive rate ranges for New Hires, Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers, as well as Members of Management and hard-to-fill positions. We conduct salary/benefit surveys for each job classification and use the data to develop a Compensation Maxtrix for Every Job Classification, with Entry-Level, Mid-Level, and High-Levels Pay Rates, and based on the company's payroll budget, we help Business Owners or HR Departments establish a company-wide Compentitive Pay Structure that helps determine fair pay rates for all levels of personnel, and significantly reduces th risk of a compensation-related claim or lawsuit.

LTM can also develop Employee Bonus Programs, Employee Incentive Plans, CA Compliant Sales Commission Agreements, and individual Employee Total Compensation Statements


All California employers, including the State, must provide workers' compensation benefits to employees who sustain a work-related injury or illness. An essential requirement for departments is that they establish, implement, and maintain written policies for an injury and illness prevention program (IIPP) (Labor Code section 6401.7) and establish a reporting system for job-related injuries, illnesses or death.

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Employee Compensation Program

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