Meet Lupe McElroy

Meet the CEO & Senior Consultant

Lupe McElroy

Lupe McElroy is the Principal HR Consultant, Educator & Trainer at LTM Associates, with over 25 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of human resources and workplace law compliance.

Prior to starting LTM Associates in 1997, Lupe held Sr. HR positions for a number of high profile companies including the a CA Division of General Electric, Western Region GAF Corp., as well as the Santa Fe Railroad (where she managed/oversaw the HR function for 5-states).

Lupe's business goal is to coach and educate company leaders and HR personnel to become exceptional leaders and to become more knowledgeable in workplace law compliance. She also enjoys working closely with HR and management teams to develop strong leadership/communication skills that promote a high-level productivity and profits, while reducing the risks of potential legal problems in the workplace.

Lupe’s areas of Expertise Include:

  • State/Federal Workplace Law Compliance
  • At-Will Employment Practices
  • Employee Problem/Resolution
  • Best Practices for Recruitment & Hiring
  • Mandated Leave-Of-Absence Procedures/Notices
  • Leadership Training/Development
  • Immigration I-9 Compliance
  • Workers Comp Administration
  • OSHA/Workplace Safety Compliance
  • Job Analysis/Job Descriptions
  • HR Assistance with Start-Up Companies
  • Resolving Difficult/Sensitive Employee Issues/Problems
  • Drug-Free Workplace Programs
  • Prevention of Workplace Violence
  • Employer/Employee Conflict Resolution Services, and;
  • Prevention of Employee-Related Claims/Lawsuits.


As a seasoned Educator and Trainer, Lupe has also worked as an Adjunct Instructor, teaching HR & Workplace Law Compliance Courses at Riverside Community College and Cal-State University/SB. She currently offers On-Line HRCI Certification Courses through the Learning Resources Network (LERN) a leader in nation-wide continuing education, and through her HR firm, LTM Associates.



What clients say

Pheonix Engineering, Inc

Carson, CA

We participate in the LTM's Employer HR Hotline which we love! We get prompt and effective answers to all of our employee-related inquiries/problems. Lupe's help and expertise is available. I highly recommend LTM's services to other employers.

New Living Options

Corona, CA

We have been on LTM's Employer HR Hotline for years and it is perfect for our needs. We get the answers we need quickly they always have the right answers. I would recommend LTM's services to any employer.

Diversified Silicon Products, Inc

Santa Fe Springs, CA

Lupe provides periodic training to our management team in the principals & applications of HR management. She keeps us abreast of all the latest workplace law changes and provides us hands-on assistance with managing the people-side of our business. LTM's services are great!