CA Complaint Employment Application Packet

CA Complaint Employment Application Packet

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Smart employers use an application for employment that is filled out by every candidate for a particular job. Employers worldwide use the application to gather consistent data about prospective employees.

The application for employment from an employer, however, collects consistent information in a uniform format from every applicant. This is because every applicant receives the same document that is asking the same questions. This allows employers to compare applicant credentials that are listed in the same order on a form, impartially. This packet from LTM Associates focuses on the specific requirements of an Employment Application that is California compliant. In addition, the packet provides:

  • 1 Customized Employment Application With Your Company's Logo in Color
  • 2 Improve Your Company's Professional Image
  • 3 Ensure Compliance With California Job Application Requirements
  • 4 Application includes Employee Acknowledgement for Pre-employment Physicals, Background & Job Reference Checks, and Criminal History.
  • 5 40 Applications Per Packet
  • 6 This packet can be purchased WITH YOUR LOGO or WITHOUT
CA Complaint Employment Application

$ 10.00

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