Independent Contractor Packet Packet

Independent Contractor Packet Packet

A California law that recently took effect has thrown businesses and gig-economy workers into turmoil as they scramble to determine whether independent contractors must be reclassified as employees.

California HR professionals who provide consulting services, however, aren't panicking. Along with others who provide "professional services"—including veterinarians, lawyers, grant writers, and travel agents—they were exempted from meeting the law's three-pronged test that determines whether gig workers should be considered employees and therefore be eligible for benefits.

Let LTM Associates help your business tackle the complexities of Independent Contractors through our package which covers:

  • Legal Guidelines for Hiring Independent Contractors
  • Sample Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Sample Memo-Company Billing Procedures
  • State Fact Sheet & Reporting Requirements
  • IRS Guidelines & Analysis Form
  • List of "Dos's & Don'ts" for Hiring Independent Contractors
  • Legal Requirements for Hiring Independent Contractors (Construction Industry)
  • List of Frequently Asked Questions CA Independent Contractors
  • 1099 IRS Tax Form
  • W-9 Form with Instructions
Independent Contractor Packet

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