Performance Evaluation Packet

Performance Evaluation Packet

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For most organizations in the United States, performance reviews are used to support decisions related to training and career development, compensation, transfers, promotions, and reductions-in-force or employment termination. Generally, the performance review process includes setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee and providing periodic informal and/or formal feedback about employee performance relative to those stated goals.

LTM Associates can help your business with this critical assessment tool by providing:

  • 1 Guidelines for Developing a Performance Evaluation System
  • 2 Sample Performance Evaluation Form (Non-Exempt/Hourly Employees)
  • 3 Sample Performance Evaluation Form (Salaried/Exempt Employees)
  • 4 Management Guidelines for Conducting Performance Review Meetings
  • 5 Tips for Documenting Employee Performance During the Year
  • 6 Guidelines For Addressing Employee Employee Performance Issues
  • 7 Sample Policy Performance Evaluation Program
Performance Evaluation

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