Interview/Hiring Packet

Interview/Hiring Packet

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There is much debate by industry professionals on the best ways to improve the interview process. And by improve, we mean attract and make better hires. One theory is that harder job interviews actually lead to better job matches — but is this true? It turns out, yes. Candidates who go through a rigorous interview process often find that the company places a high value on finding employees who are a good match for both the position and the company culture.

LTM Associates has the solution to solve this problem for your business. This packet will provide:

  • 1 Recruitment & Interview Guidelines for Managers
  • 2 List of Interview ''Do's & Don'ts"
  • 3 List of Legal/Illegal Interview Questions
  • 4 ADA Interview Guidelines
  • 5 Telephone Screening Form
  • 6 Candidate Assessment Form
  • 7 Sample Interview Questions
  • 8 Sample Job Offer Letter
  • 9 Sample Candidate Rejection Letter

$ 10.00

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