About LTM Associates

Why Should You Choose LTM?
About LTM Associates

Why Should You Choose LTM?

Inland Empire based LTM Associates was established in 1996, as a premier provider of strategic human resources consulting and training services for small to mid-sized employers throughout Southern California. Our firm provides exceptional HR services, tools, and resources, including employment law compliance educational services, to assist company leaders to better manage the "people-side" of their business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pro-actively help growing companies to minimize risks associated with employee-related claims & lawsuits and/or workplace liability issues that can arise in the areas of employment, workplace safety and workers compensation.

Our Strategy

How Do We Help Our Clients?

By helping employers create a system of fairness and consistency throughout their organization through development and implementation of effective company policies, employee work rules, disciplinary action guidelines, employee compensation/recognition programs, and workplace safety programs.

By ensuring that Employee Policy Handbooks and Safety (IIPP) Manuals are California law compliant, and appropriately worded to protect the employer in a court of law.

By offering a great "Employer HR Hotline" membership program to companies of all sizes who need HR consultation and expertise on a "day-to-day or "as needed basis." Via the telephone or by email, our HR experts answer questions for supervisors, managers, and/or company leaders in the areas of employee-relations, workers compensation, and workplace safety matters.

By offering leadership training workshops that can be conducted on-site or off-site, geared at enhancing supervisory, management, leadership, and team-building skills.

By offering employers easy to use "ready-made HR packets" which contain the necessary personnel forms, with instructions, and include legal-compliance guidelines. Our HR packets are designed to help employers eliminate excessive personnel paperwork, administrative headaches, and record-keeping problems.

Meet the CEO

Lupe McElroy

Lupe McElroy is the Principal HR Consultant, Educator & Trainer at LTM Associates, with over 25 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of human resources and workplace law compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LTM Associates develops Employee handbooks that are California compliant. We specialize in customizing the handbooks to your work industry based on your number of employees. It includes all state and federal workplace law mandates

California is an employment-at-will state that allows business/company owners to terminate for good cause at any time without providing a reason or advanced notice. Learn more about employment-at-will practices.

LTM offers proper management training to enhance leadership skills, communication skills, and knowledge of preventing workplace liability issues. For more information on HR management, supervisory training, visit our HR training page.

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What clients say

- Phoenix Engineering, Inc

Carson, CA

We participate in the LTM's Employer HR Hotline which we love! We get prompt and effective answers to all of our employee-related inquiries/problems. Lupe's help and expertise is available. I highly recommend LTM's services to other employers.

- New Living Options

Corona, CA

We have been on LTM's Employer HR Hotline for years and it is perfect for our needs. We get the answers we need quickly they always have the right answers. I would recommend LTM's services to any employer.

- Diversified Silicon Products, Inc

Santa Fe Springs, CA

Lupe provides periodic training to our management team in the principals & applications of HR management. She keeps us abreast of all the latest workplace law changes and provides us hands-on assistance with managing the people-side of our business. LTM's services are great!

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